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Brooklyn Vegan 15 bands to see at FEST

War on Womens 2015 debut LP on Bridge 9 rips and their live show is even more powerful. Heres what I said about it when they opened for FLAG earlier this year: They make a hardcore with a message that iss very relevant and necessary right now - rape, abortion rights, street harassment and transphobia were just a few things they tackled during their set. They also have a killer rhythm section, sharp, loud guitars, and a truly unforgettable singer, Shawna Potter. The best hardcore shows are the ones where you can not look away or get bored, even if you try, and Shawna is a big reason War On Women puts on shows like that. She is sarcastic, angry, confrontational, and entertaining all at once, and it shows in both her delivery and her constantly-animated performance. Catch them at 9:40 PM at The Wooly on Saturday (directly before Floor and Negative Approach).

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News published on October 28th, 2016 | 1,082 views


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