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Have Heart's 'The Things We Carry' 10th Anniversary - limited screen printed poster and special deals

This week marks the 10th anniversary of Have Heart's classic full-length debut, The Things We Carry. This album marked a new era for hardcore, taking cornerstone inspirations like Youth of Today, Turning Point, Outspoken, and Bane while developing an entirely fresh sound. If that wasn't enough, it avoided the hardcore lyrical cliches becoming so prominent by that time, touching not only on straight-edge, but philosophy, heartbreak, and regret with a poetic yet aggressive edge. Frontman Pat Flynn showed a side of thoughtfulness and contemplation in rage that previously had went largely uncovered.

We're celebrating its 10th year of existence with a limited edition, six-color, hand-numbered screen printed poster based on the original cover artwork. In addition, we're offering a copy of their What Counts 12" (Triple B Records) for FREE while supplies last when you buy a copy of the latest pressing of The Things We Carry LP. You can also grab a Have Heart banner for only $10, for a limited time.

We'll be taking pre-orders on the screen printed poster for ONE WEEK only, so grab one while you can at!

News published on August 10th, 2016 | 1,753 views


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