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STREETSWEEPER (BHC) release new video, stream songs from new LP

News by JERKSTORE on June 1st, 2016
Boston's Streetsweeper has released a music video for a song from their forthcoming LP "Back to Life" coming out on Prospect Records later this year, and are streaming other songs from the record on their bandcamp.

These songs and recordings are Streetsweeper's first with a revamped lineup featuring master shredder Budwey (Cruel Hand) and drummer Caleb (Suffer on Acid, Prison Hit). These songs represent a shift in style incorporating more guitar leads, clean vocals and melodic breaks.

Streetsweeperwill be playing locally throughout the summer, including a show with Slapshot and the Eddie Leeway Show Saturday, June 4th, in Somerville. Shirts will be available at the show, and cassette pre-orders and shirts will be available for purchase on the bandcamp soon.

Bandcamp (includes all previous releases)


News published on June 1st, 2016 | 2,185 views


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