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Bent Life's 'Never Asked for Heaven' set for release

Lincoln, Nebraska natives and recent Bridge Nine signees Bent Life have announced their debut album for the label, Never Asked for Heaven, which will be released August 5th. The album, which was recorded with Terror's Nick Jett, showcases the band evolving into an aggressive powerhouse with clarity and precision, capable of thudding riffs and surprisingly memorable, gutting hooks. Inspired by Pantera's harsh groove and Hatebreed's tightly performed bulldoze, Bent Life have emerged from a long writing process revitalized and better than ever. Sign up for pre-order notifications here.

Bent Life are relative Midwest Blood veterans, having churned out brute-force hardcore since 2010. They've cut their teeth sharing the stage with Harm's Way, Comeback Kid, Expire and countless others, and have played at Rain Fest, Midwest Blood Fest, Concrete Fest and more. The band have a three-day Midwest jaunt with Weekend Nachos coming up at the end of July and will announce more tour dates and song premieres in support of Never Asked for Heaven soon.

Never Asked For Heaven track listing:
1. Introduction
2. Lock
3. Thanks for Nothing
4. Hands of Lead
5. Stab Me
6. Cheat Death
7. Kick
8. Painless
9. War
10. Permanence

Tour dates w/ Weekend Nachos:
‪7/29‬ Omaha, NE @ Reverb Lounge
‪7/30‬ Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock
‪7/31‬ Milwaukee, WI @ Club Timbuktu

News published on May 27th, 2016 | 1,955 views


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