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B9 To Re-Issue 'The Fuse Is Lit' from Striking Distance on April 23rd

Striking Distance was a hardcore punk band from 1999-2003, who hailed from Washington DC with a decidedly NYHC/Boston sound. The band, fronted by one of the angriest frontmen in B9 history, Dave Byrd, originally released The Fuse Is Lit on CD and 7inch via B9 back in May of '02. Since then, Striking Distance broke up, reunited in 2007 for Youngblood Fest, and have remained dormant ever since. Fast forward to 2013, and Bridge Nine is re-releasing this very important hardcore album and Striking Distance are gearing up for their reunion at this year's United Blood Festival in Richmond, VA.

Out of print since the mid-2000's, The Fuse Is Lit has undergone a deluxe re-treatment by Bridge Nine and will now be available on 12" LP. This re-issue features 6 studio tracks that originally appeared on the album on Side A, and a great 7-song 'Live at CBGB's' set from August 2001 (which perfectly captures the band's energy) on Side B. All of the audio has been remastered specifically for vinyl by John Golden at Golden Mastering as part of Bridge Nine's 10th Anniversary Repress Series. Bridge Nine label owner Chris Wrenn commented, "This was such an important release for Bridge Nine and I'm really happy to get it back in print. The album has held up well over time and I'm excited for a new generation of kids to hopefully get into it. Album sounds amazing and looks amazing - one of my favorite releases in B9 history."

Striking Distance will be reunited to play United Blood Fest on March 29th/30th at the Canal Club in Richmond, VA and tickets and more information can be found here. Pre-order information coming soon from Bridge Nine.

News published on March 5th, 2013 | 3,565 views


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