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Foundation West Coast Dates (feat. What's Eating Gilbert & others) Start This Friday

Foundation is getting ready for their West Coast run starting this Friday. Select dates with Grave Maker, Twitching Tongues, What's Eating Gilbert, and Souvenirs... check it:

3/1/2013 Pomona CA @ Aladdin Jr w/ What's Eating Gilbert, Souvenirs
3/2/2013 Mesa, AZ @ Nile Theater
3/3/2013 Canoga Park CA @ Cobalt Café w/ What's Eating Gilbert, Souvenirs, Twitching Tongues
3/4/2013 San Francisco CA @ Metro (side room) w/ Twitching Tongues
3/5/2013 Modesto CA @ House Show w/ Twitching Tongues
3/6/2013 Reno NV @ Ft Ryland w/ Twitching Tongues
3/7/2013 Vancouver WA @ Grange Hall w/ Grave Maker
3/8/2013 Vancouver BC @ Zoo Zhop w/ Grave Maker
3/9/2013 Seattle WA @ Fusion Cafe w/ Grave Maker

News published on February 25th, 2013 | 3,593 views


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