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Nowadays antibiotic medicines are given to all the poultry animals including the broiler hens every day in order to increase the production of meat. For this reason, approximately 63 thousand 151 ton antibiotics are needed every year all over the world. By having these antibiotics, the foods that are taken by these poultry animals are easily converted into the muscles of the body. The reason behind is that, by using these antibiotics in advance into the bodies of the poultry animals, one can prevent the diseases which can attack them. But these artificially created meats are responsible for the diseases created by the food and also the main reason to make our human body antibiotic proof. For this reason, antibiotics are not having their effects on human bodies anymore. However, the maximum meat of poultry farms is having this process for their increase of amount.

Effect of Ineffectiveness of Antibiotics:

At least 7 lacks people died every year in the world due to not having the effectiveness of antibiotic medicines on their body. For this very reason 23 thousand children in the USA, 25 thousand children in Europe and 36 thousand children in India have died in the last year. From this stat, we can understand how many people can die for the same reason in a health unconscious country like Bangladesh. Not only are the deaths, millions of people affected by various diseases for not getting the full effect of antibiotic medicines in their body. Approximately 20 lacks people are affected by various diseases for this reason in the USA.

Germs’ Activities against Invented Antibiotics:

Scientists have already warned that at least 100 trillion dollars will be lost by the year 2050 for the ineffectiveness of the antibiotics over the human body and 1 core people will meet sudden death. Germs of various diseases are getting stronger day by day. They have increased their power of prevention against the antibiotic medicines. Penicillin was invented in 1940. But within 10 years of the invention of penicillin, germs had invented their resistant power against it. These types of germs are getting stronger in the course of time. Nowadays at least 7 lack people meet unexpected death due to this reason. Tetracycline was invented in 1948, but at the end part of 1950, the germs were ready with their power of prevention against it. Erythromycin was come into the stage at 1952 but started to lose its effectiveness from 1955. To bring back the effectiveness of Penicillin, Methylene came in 1960. But within one year the staff bacteria grew their power of prevention against it. Not only against Penicillin and the same category antibiotics, the germs have invented the protection power against the Cefalosferin and the antibiotics of its category. After that, there come many antibiotics, but all taste the bitter taste of defeat against the germs. Every time antibiotics invented with new knowledge of medicine, with new molecular shape and with new effectiveness, germs are able to find out some methods to keep fighting against them and survive.

Result of This Problem:

Even in present time, the germs seem to be gaining the resistance power more quickly in every decade. So germs’ continuous ability to gain the power of prevention against the antibiotics may lead to us to that day when no antibiotic medicine will have the effect on human bodies. As a consequence, normal diseases can be paved us to death. Such will be the effect that accidents like the general scratch, extraction of teeth or any kind of fracture will risk our lives to death.

Cause of this Problem:

80% of total invented antibiotic in the USA are used into the production of poultry meat. And half of the total sold antibiotics all over the world are used to increase the production of meat of broiler hen and other poultry animals. These antibiotics are not taken to prevent any kind of diseases, rather they are taken in order to gain weight and meat quickly. In some cases, antibiotics are provided to the poultry animals to prevent those diseases which can happen to them for living in an abnormal crowded place. So for eating those poultry’s meats, antibiotic medicines are not that much affected by the human body.

Effect on Human Body:

By eating those antibiotic mixing meats, the germs of diseases are able to live with those antibiotics for a long time and have gained the power of protection against them. They are not even killed by applying new antibiotics. Because by eating the meats produced from antibiotics the cells of human body reshape themselves in such a way that new antibiotics cannot enter the cells anymore. Or even if they are able to enter the cells, the strong germs have driven them out from the cells very quickly.


If antibiotics are provided to the poultry animals inappropriate dose, according to the rules and within the perfect duration of time, and also to give the antibiotics only to kill the diseases’ germs than the germs will not be able to antibiotic preventer. But these rules are not maintained in the agriculture and poultry field. In those fields, antibiotics are not used to kill the germs. Rather it is used to gain weight and meat of the poultry animals.


The ability to gain the power of prevention of the germs against the antibiotic medicines is a big problem all over the world. It is as big as the climate problem. It is taking a destructive shape during the course of time in the agriculture and poultry field. You cannot face this problem by making two or three decisions. But it’s not impossible also. For example, the farmers of Netherlands have totally forbidden the use of antibiotics in every agriculture sector. The USA has forbidden the use of Perdue Farm and the other companion antibiotics. By these, it has proven that one can be successful without using the antibiotics even in the production of the industrial base. Not only that, by producing the meats of those species who are not depended on these antibiotics and who are naturally weighty, can be a way of facing this problem. And by this way, animal diversity can be saved.

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