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Postby sharkweek » Mon Nov 20, 2017 12:45 pm

Two new cassette releases from Brain Abuse Records:

Faithless - Demo CS (Black pro printed cassettes/100)

Faithless is the side project of some NYHC veterans. Featuring members of Sheer Terror, Kill Your Idols and Deathcycle.

Faithless rip through these 6 songs with an unhinged ferocity that is inspired by the political and social climate that we currently live in. Ron's lyrics touch on everything from police brutality to technological dependence and apathy in today's hardcore scene.

Hardcore the way it's supposed to be played fast and pissed off.

Art by the incomprable Andy Fletcher. Layout by Lil Seb Thauer. Black shell pro printed tapes limited to 100 copies.

Listen here: ... ss-demo-cs

Brain Abuse Records #013 ... -black-100

Screw - Demo 2017 CS (White/40)

Female fronted HC from Stockholm, Sweden. 6 tracks of damaging Oi!-ish influenced hardcore in the same vein as 86 Mentality, Violent Reaction etc.

I first had the pleasure of meeting Emelie and Gaby at Damaged City Fest this year. They told me about this project and since it was right in my wheelhouse I told them to send me the tracks and I would put out a tape for them. 6 months later here we are.

Listen here:

Limited to 50 copies, 10 on Black shell tapes only available from the band and 40 on White shell tapes.

Brain Abuse Records #014 ... s-white-40
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