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Thanks for checking it out! (I can't post links, so you'll have to search, sorry!!!)

The Sacred Plague Is Dead // Long Live the Sacred Plague on Spotify:

Vol. 1 (2011-20016):
Recessions (Portland fastcore)
Piss Piss Piss (Portland dbeat/hardcore)
Dödläge (Portland dbeat)
MyManMike (Korean fastcore)
Krang (Chicago stenchcore)
Uncurbed (Swedish hardcore)
Warvictims (Swedish dbeat)
Black Hole Of Calcutta (Chico/Portland grincore/hardcore)
Impatience (Milwaukee old school hardcore)

Vol. 2 (2004-2011):
Enabler (Milwaukee grindcore)
Ambassador Gun (Minneapolis grindcore)
Jesus Or Genome (SLC acoustic/emo)
Sunshine SS (Asheville snotty old school hardcore punk from members of Kakistocracy)
The United Sons Of Toil (Madison, WI post-hardcore)
Lose The Tude (members of Delay playing Gorilla Biscuits-esque hardcore)
I Fail (Cincinnati screamo/emo hardcore)
Abaddon (Milwaukee grindcore)
Lost Hands Found Fingers (Cincinnati riff heavy emo)
Death Before Decaf (Boston post-punk / noise)
Putrid Sloth (Boston sludge)
Ünscüm (Belgian grindcore/hardcore)

Vol. 3 (Uncatalogued 2003-2011):
The Final Nail (Cincinnati hardcore/metal)
Fucked For Life (Cincinnati 80's hardcore punk)
inblackandwhite (Boston emo)
Lost Hands Found Fingers (Cincinnati riff heavy emo)
Mosquitos Can Kill (Cincinnati hardcore punk)
Ünscüm (Belgian grindcore/hardcore)
Inside Recess (Cincinnati metalcore/death metal/hardcore)
Existential Dilemma (Cincinnati metal)
The Opposed (Cincinnati hardcore punk/streetpunk)

I also run a blog on wordpress called Voice to the Useless and at instagram @voicetotheuseless ... I'll be posting my entire record collection there.
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